Note: All arenas and the treasure hunts are disabled. They will be replaced with custom plugins.

Fishing ArenasEdit

  • Server Fishing Arena is available at the town pyramid. Use /town spawn pyramid to get there faster! Tournaments are held every Sunday Morning at 10:30 EST.


Name Buy Tickets? Starting Pot Win Tickets?
VOTE no 1000 Voting

Mob ArenasEdit

  • Server Mob Arena is available at the town pyramid. Use /town spawn pyramid to get there faster! Instructions are at the arena.
  • Nations can create Custom Mob Arenas and then have an acmin convert it to a fully functioning Mob Arena, for a cost. Options Coming...

Monster HunterEdit

  • Monster Hunter occurs once every 3 days in nightmare (world).
    • Only kills outside of tree cover and caves will be counted.
    • The weaker the method used to kill the higher the points awarded, i.e. you get less points from a bow than a sword.
    • When you die you will lose points.

Spleef ArenasEdit

  • Server Spleef Arenas are available at the town pyramid. Use /town spawn pyramid to get there faster! Click on the sign at the arena to join. When your ready click the start sign.
  • Nations can create Custom Spleef Arenas and then have an admin convert it to a fully functioning spleef arena, for a cost.

Treasure HuntEdit

You must be rank:miner to participate

NOTE: there is a small % of chests that will accidently spawn within town borders. These are considered dead chests, but if someone from that town who has access is around they can claim it.


Simply hold the Hunt Item and click the ground. and it will tell you how many blocks you are away from the closest chest. Please note that it does NOT count the up and down axis. So if it says 0 blocks then you are either above or below the chest.

Hunt Item Consume %
Rotten Flesh 50

Chest SpawningEdit

  1. Check to see if Min Players are online
  2. Randomly assign a value to the chest
  3. Randomly select a location, and perform some checks for depth, light, blocks, and land protection
    1. NOTE: there is a limit on the number of tries the system will make. If it fails to locate an acceptable location it will cancel the hunt before it even starts
  4. Spawn the chest
  5. Input the items and $
    1. Formula 1: Value - MinMoney = AvailableItemValue || then it deducts item cost and randomly selects items
    2. Formula 2: Value - AvailableItemValue = Money || where Money is the $ assigned to the chest
    3. NOTE: it is possible for the Money to = MinMoney. This happens more frequently with Common and Uncommon chests because their base items are so cheap and easily consume the entire AvailableItemValue of the chest.
Worlds Frequency Chance Duration Depth Light Min. Money Min. Players Max Value
Nightmare 60 min 100% 60 min 4-60 0-8 100 4 5000

Item ValuesEdit

Item Level Value
Brick Common 2
Redstone Common 3
Egg Common 5
Flint Common 2
Feather Common 2
Glass Common 3
Stone Common 3
Wheat Common 3
Cookie Uncommon 10
Rails Uncommon 10
Thin Glass Uncommon 5
Obsidian Uncommon 20
Smooth Stairs Uncommon 18
Glowstone Uncommon 6
Sulphur Uncommon 10
Smooth Brick Uncommon 15
Mossy Cobblestone Uncommon 15
Vine Uncommon 7
Cooked Beef Uncommon 20
Diamond Rare 70
Gold Nugget Rare 50
Ender Pearl Rare 25
Gold Ingot Rare 10
Iron Fence Rare 15
Jack O Lantern Rare 50
Fermented Spirder Eye Rare 50
Piston Base Rare 70
Slime Ball Rare 30
TNT Rare 40
Chainmail Boots Rare 200
Chainmail Chestplate Rare 300
Magma Cream Rare 50
Ghast Tear Rare 50
Chainmail Helmet Rare 200
Chainmail Leggings Rare 200
Iron Ingot Rare 15
Diamond Pickaxe Legendary 400
Web Legendary 60
Golden Apple Legendary 500
Diamond Chestplate Legendary 700
Diamond Spade Legendary 350
Diamond Boots Legendary 500
Lapis Block Legendary 100
Diamond Helmet Legendary 400
Diamond Axe Legendary 400
Piston Sticky Base Legendary 120
Pumpkin Seeds Legendary 150
Diamond Leggings Legendary 400
Diamond Sword Legendary 500
Record 9 Epic 1500
Green Record Epic 1000
Record 4 Epic 1500
Record 11 Epic 1500
Gold Block Epic 80
Water Epic 100
Record 8 Epic 1500
Record 6 Epic 1500
Watch Epic 300
Record 5 Epic 1500
Recprd 10 Epic 1500
Record 3 Epic 1500
Gold Record Epic 1000
Fire Epic 300
Speckled Melon Epic 600
Diamond Block Epic 550
Iron Block Epic 125
Record 7 Epic 1500