We highly recommend reading the Rules to gain a better understanding of what is allowed and not allowed. The automatic chat system works on all chat channels. Please note that Guests are NOT allowed to talk while in Sanctuary, but can talk in other worlds.

Chat ChannelsEdit

Channel Command Radius
Global /g unlimited
Clan (only for PA) /c unlimited

Spam KicksEdit

The system automatically block the message and kick the player for spamming.. The system detects the frequency of messages, similarity of the message, and several other factors to determine if it is "spam".


  • The system tracks many commonly used swear words that are tied to abusivbe language.
  • You will get warnings, then kicks, then banned. The system is designed to punish people who use excessive swearing.
  • The system is a score based system which you are given points based on the words used. A players score will go down slowly over time if they are not swearing. This is to ensure that the occasional swear word doesn't result in a ban.


  • Capital Letters, Symbols, and Numbers count as CAPS
  • entire phrases less than 5 characters long do not get filtered