• No loss of XP or $
  • Rank:Miner do NOT lose items under normal circumstances
    • Please note this feature does not give you any guarantee to retain items. The system SHOULD catch it, but if something happens then don't expect the items to be returned to you. If the items were lost due to a server bug we may return the items or replace the value, but this should not be expected
    • If you die with less inventory space than you have items + worn gear you may need to return to your death location to retrieve "overflow" items that fell down when you died because of lack of inventory space.
    • If you release to the title screen your items are dropped to the ground

Race/Class/Skill System

There are no Races or Classes at the moment. This will be added in the future.


  1. Place item in hand
  2. Right click the Repair Block
  • Repairing Cost is scaled in-line with the number of items required to build it.

EXAMPLE: Iron pickaxe consumes 3 Iron Ingot to create the pickaxe. If the item has less than 1/3rd damage it will only take 1 Iron Ingot to repair it. Under 2/3rd damage it takes 2 Iron Ingot.

Repair Block Cost
Iron Block Base Material
Items Base Materials
Iron Iron Ingot
Wood Wood
Stone Stone
Gold Gold Ingot
Diamond Diamond
Chainmail Emerald


Treasure Hunt

Hidden Chests

  • Rank:miner and above can loot these chests. Many of them can only be looted once, but sometimes they have a cooldown timer that allows you to loot them after a certain amount of time has passed. These chests do NOT randomly spawn and the loot inside is specifically tailored for that location

Bonus Chests

  • Rank:Miner can loot these chests